“There’s no way its that simple”
Clayton Scelzi, Kimley-Horn

“AEC Simple lives up to its name. …as someone who is always looking to improve efficiency, this proved to be a great tool.”

Gary Foll PE, Burns Group

“Try NOT to fall off your chairs!”

Samuel Leo, TLC

Create Sheets & Views to match the Architect’s in seconds

Our Revit Toolbar replicates sheets & views from a linked model (Architectural) into your Engineering model.

With unparalleled precision, our software does the following:

  • Copy Sheets, Views, and Viewports from a Linked Model.
  • Align View Titles – Pixel Perfect!
  • Translate Sheet Numbers & Names to Engineering Sheet Numbers and Names
  • Automatically Assign View Templates of Your Choosing

No Complex Settings

Works with YOUR Revit Template!

Fully Functional Free Trial!

Pain Points

Revit project setup for MEP can be a painful, tedious process of copying and pasting data back and forth. We are focused on making this simple for you.

Time Savings

“Holy sh*t!” is how our Toolbar for Revit has been described by multiple customers. You will never want to setup a project manually again. Period.

Complex Code
Simple Interface

Don’t let the name fool you. Our software is extremely complex, but we are dedicated to keeping our user interfaces simple for you.


We are the first in the industry to place replicate sheets pixel perfect without scope boxes. This includes the View, View Titles, and Title Block. All perfect, in seconds.

Find out how simple revit project setup can be.

With technology this revolutionary, seeing is believing. Schedule below to see a live demonstration of the software and ask any questions about your specific use case.

  • Free, no obligation 45m demonstration and Q&A

  • Gain insight into industry best practices for Project Setup

  • Includes a free trial of our Toolbar for Revit


Matching the architectural sheets in the past has been a time consuming task, especially if they didn’t use scope boxes. The AEC simple toolbar however has turned this process from hours to minutes.

Additionally, I have found it useful for duplicating sheets within my own RVT models! As I handle most of the BIM stuff at the firm I work at, I need every second I can get and this toolbar has freed me up to focus on other BIM related items as well as design.

Taylor Rinaldi, PE
MES Group Inc.